General conditions


Easyatent Nederland is a sales agency of Easyatent Croatia. The conclusion of a travel contract is subject to the following booking conditions.


Article 1. Booking

  1. You can book by telephone and online. A booking is final once you have agreed by telephone. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you book online, your booking is final once you have clicked the confirmation button.
  2. After your telephone or online booking, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. This confirmation also serves as an invoice. If you do not receive this e-mail within five working days after you have made the booking, you should contact us by telephone.
  3. Easyatent reserves the right to change its website and/or its offer without prior notification.
  4. Manifest errors and mistakes in the booking confirmation and/or on the website will not be binding on Easyatent. Such errors and mistakes are such that the average traveller can or should be able to identify them at first sight. If the parties fail to reach agreement, either party has the right to cancel the booking.
  5. The main booker of the trip must be at least 21 years of age at the time of booking, and is jointly and severally liable for all co-travellers registered by him or her. All correspondence is conducted through the address of the main booker.
  6. The maximum number of persons in a bungalow tent is 6. The standard number of beds in the bungalow tent is for 5 persons. If the bungalow tent is to be used by 6 persons, an additional bed will be placed. The maximum number of persons in a safari tent and mobile home is dependent on the type. This is indicated on the website.
  7. It is not possible to use an additional tent to exceed the maximum number of persons per accommodation. Some campsites permit the use of an additional tent, provided that you pay extra for this to the campsite.
  8. Easyatent always seeks to provide a parking space next to the accommodation. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In those cases, you can park your car near the accommodation or at the central car park of the campsite.
  9. Some campsites do not accept bookings for a touring group consisting of young people only or for groups. We therefore reserve the right to refuse such bookings.


Article 2. Payment

  1. If you book your holiday before April 1, 2021, you pay according to the following schedule:

    1. Your down payment when booking is only € 99, -
    2. You only have to pay 20% of the travel sum on 1 April 2021. If you have taken out cancellation insurance through us, it will be calculated with the second payment.
    3. The remaining payment only needs to be paid 8 weeks before arrival.
    4. Important: reservations made within 8 weeks of departure must be paid at once.


    For bookings made from April 1, 2021, the following payment schedule applies:

    1. Down payment: this is 20% of the rent. If you have taken out cancellation insurance through us, this will also be calculated with the down payment. The deposit must be paid within 2 weeks after the reservation.
    2. Remaining payment: the remaining amount must be paid 8 weeks before arrival.
    3. Important: reservations within 8 weeks before departure must be paid in one go.


  • If the down payment and/or the remaining amount has not been paid within the period stipulated above, Easyatent reserves the right to cancel the booking and the booker will be liable for the cancellation charges (see Article 3, paragraph 2).
  • In default of payment, all costs shall be borne by the booker, i.e. both judicial and extrajudicial costs, including the statutory interest on the outstanding amount from the month after the payment date stated on the booking confirmation.
  • If you make use of an offer, the offer only applies if you pay on time. If you fail to pay on time, the offer will not apply, but your booking will be maintained.
  • If you arrive later at the accommodation or depart earlier than booked, you will not be entitled to a refund.


Article 3. Cancellation or changes

  1. Bookings can only be cancelled in writing.
  2. Cancellation charges:
    1. For cancellations up to 42 days before arrival, 30% of the travel sum will be charged.
    2. For cancellations between 41 and 28 days before arrival, 60% of the travel sum will be charged.
    3. For cancellations between 27 and 1 day before arrival, 90% of the travel sum will be charged.
    4. For cancellations  the day of arrival itself, the full travel sum will be charged.
  3. No fee will be charged for changes made within 10 days after the date of the booking.
  4. The main booker may make changes in the booking until 8 weeks before arrival at the accommodation. The costs of changes are € 25,00.
  5. Changes that mean a partial cancellation are for that part subject to the applicable cancellation charges.
  6. If you extent the period booked during your stay at the campsite, you must pay for your extended stay to the campsite according to the rates specified in the brochure. You will not be entitled to any offers.
  7. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance with your booking. The premium is 6% of the amount due, € 5,00 policy costs, 21% insurance tax. (calculated over premium and policy costs) is provided by Allianz.


Article 4. Availability of accommodation

  1. If Easyatent cannot offer the accommodation booked, the booker is notified immediately. If possible, the booker will be offered an equivalent alternative at no extra charge. If the booker does not make use of this offer, Easyatent will immediately refund all amounts received.
  2. If you are going on holiday with two or more families, you may want to be next to each other. Or you prefer a shady place, or close to the pool. You can give preference on reservation. Of course we do our utmost to comply with your request. However, we can not guarantee that your preference can actually be met. Early booking or the fact that you have been traveling with Easyatent for years, unfortunately does not guarantee that the preference can be granted.


Article 5. Arrival, stay and departure

  1. The arrival time is between 16.00 and 20.00 hours. The departure time is between 08.00 and 10.00 hours. Early arrival is at your own risk. If you expect to arrive later, you should report this by telephone directly to the booked accommodation. If the telephone is not answered, you can contact Easyatent by telephone. If you fail to report your late arrival, your accommodation will remain available for up to 24 hours.
  2. It applies to all bookings that you still owe the amount for the entire period of your booking if you arrive late or depart early.
  3. Upon arrival, you will be asked to pay a deposit of € 75,00 for a bungalow tent or € 100,00 for a safari tent and mobile home. This deposit will be returned on departure, provided you leave the accommodation in a clean state. If you leave outside the aforementioned departure time, Easyatent will return the deposit through the bank, provided that you have left the accommodation in a proper state.
  4. Any damage, loss and/or cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit.
  5. You must pay tourist tax in all countries. You should expect to be charged € 1,40 per person per day. Children are often free of charge or at half price (between 11 and 18 years). Some campsites in Croatia charge a so-called registration fee of € 1,00 per person (per accommodation, so not per day).


Article 6. Complaints

  1. If you have a complaint about the accommodation, you must first submit it to our local representative, in order to enable him or her to resolve the complaint immediately. If you cannot agree a solution, you should contact Easyatent's head office, so that it can resolve the complaint as quickly as possible. Easyatent will attempt to resolve your complaint within 48 hours. Please note that you should only contact Easyatent outside business hours in case of an emergency or a very serious complaint.
  2. Complaints should be submitted in writing within 7 days after your last night in the accommodation of Easyatent.
  3. If you fail to report your complaint to Easyatent by telephone or in writing during your stay, any right to compensation you have will lapse. Your complaint must be included in a written report.
  4. If you leave the accommodation early on your own initiative and without consulting Easyatent, any right to compensation you have will lapse.


Article 7. Liability

  1. Easyatent cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury caused to or by users of accommodation offered by Easyatent, regardless of how the damage or injury arose.
  2. Participation in activities organized at or by the campsite is entirely at your own risk.
  3. Users of the accommodation offered by Easyatent must adhere to the rules of conduct set by the campsite owner for guests staying at his site.
  4. Users of the accommodation offered by Easyatent who cause or may cause annoyance or inconvenience, may - after warning - be expelled from the accommodation and excluded from a further stay in the accommodation by the local representative of Easyatent, without any right to a refund.
  5. Employees of Easyatent at the campsite are not entitled to make any statement about the liability of Easyatent.
  6. Pets are allowed in the bungalow tents of Easyatent, provided this is allowed at the campsite. Pets are not allowed in safari tents and mobile homes.
  7. The users of the accommodation offered by Easyatent are liable for any fire damage to the tent caused by a camp fire or barbecue and/or gas cooker.
  8. If an employee of Easyatent is prevented from performing his/her duties due to illness or other urgent reasons, Easyatent will replace him/her as quickly as possible. If this is not possible, Easyatent will not accept any liability for any costs arising from this.
  9. We are also not responsible for external influences, such as weather conditions, construction activities on site, pests, noise nuisance, the functioning of campsite facilities (such as the swimming pool and Wi-Fi) and conditions for which the campsite owner is responsible. Some facilities or activities of the campsite may be provided at a (small) charge. Photographs and drawings on the website serve to give an impression of the destination and/or accommodation. No rights can be derived from them. In situations not covered by these Travel and Booking Conditions, the board decides.
  10. Easyatent is not obliged to refund the amount due to the booker in case of force majeure. Force majeure means in any case, without being exhaustive: the declaration of a state of emergency in the area where the campsite is located, the threat of forest fires, the outbreak of infectious diseases that can be dangerous to humans and/or animals (for example, BSE, swine fever and FMD) and a flooding risk.


Article 8. Final provisions

  1. The holidays in this brochure, no matter how luxurious and comfortable they are, remain campsite holidays. Especially persons who have never been at a campsite before should realize that our campsites are usually fully booked in July and August. If your first holiday priorities are peace and quiet and privacy, we recommend that you avoid these months. A holiday abroad also means being confronted with different persons and customs, a different culture and different standards and values. This is something you should bear in mind when making your choice.
  2. Dutch law applies to contracts entered into, amended or supplemented on the basis of these sales conditions, unless mandatory rules of another law apply.


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