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Meet Bart and Lindsey

Hey holidaymaker, welcome to our vlog page. My name is Bart and maybe you know me from Nickelodeon. Together with travel reporter Lindsey, we made a season full of awesome vlogs just for you. In these vlogs, we take you with us on a camping vacation in Croatia.


Right. I want to add that, since you probably don’t know yet, Bart rather sleeps in a glampingtent with a soft mattress then a smaller, more comfy tent. Although he does make really nice breakfasts on bed, which provide me with enough girlpower to accept cool challenges.


Enough talking. We did not just compare accommodations, but different campsites and activities near the campsites as well. In this way, you could make a decision about your next holiday without ever leaving your chair. And who knows… maybe you will see us vlogging while we’re racing across the campsite!


Enjoy watching!


Vlog greetings from Bart & Lin :D 


Vlog #9

camping Valkanela and camping Porte Sole 


Vlog #8

In this vlog Bart and Lin do battle with each other. They run, fly, dive, jump, fall and uhm ... fall even more often. Those who fall asleep in a bed spread in the luxury glamping tent safari XXL and whoever touches the sports ground in this challenge vlog?

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Vlog #7

Bart may be very skillful on a scooter, but if he’s just as skillful on waterslides remains to be seen. And Lin, she has to take a forced shotgun to test some speed, of course.

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Vlog #6

In this episode, Bart and Lin see what a glamping vacation is like and talk with Rob and Daniëlle from Easyatent about the ins en outs of the Safaritents. Is it something for you, glamping?

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Vlog #5

It is time to part ways (for now). Bart and Lin each visit another town in this episode. Both Rovinj as Poreč appear to be full of surprise. One more pleasant than the other.

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Vlog #4

After the adventures on land, Bart and Lin explore the area by boat. They discover the beautiful Limski canal, the port of Vrsar and shoot a cannonball in a cave like real pirates. A what? Let’s hope they will be alright.

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Vlog #3

Bart and Lin will be exploring the surroundings of the campsites of Easyatent. They never get bored. On the contrary, time flies at most points!

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Vlog #2

Vloggers Bart and Lindsey takes you with them on a camping vacation in Istria. They show you the accommodations and campsites of Easyatent, while searching for the most awesome activities in the area. This episode they’ll visit Pula.

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Vlog #1

Meet Bart and Lindsey. This funny vlogduo takes you with them on a camping holiday in Istria the coming episodes. They show you the accommodations and campsites of Easyatent, while also searching for the most awesome activities in the area. We already give them our thumbs up!

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