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Forest fires Croatia

Forest fires Croatia


Due to the ongoing heat and the dry weather lots of countries in western Europe are facing forest fires. The most severe fires in Croatia were located in Dalmatia. In Pula, on the peninsula Istria, there has been a small fire which was quickly under control.


‘We understand the concerns that may arrise with our bookers who are looking forward to their holiday or are on their way already”,owner R. Oudekotte responds. “We advise people to come to our campsites and not worry about the situation, since there have been no fires around the campsites”. Sir Ouderkotte explains that it has been raining shortly but heavily yesterday and that Istria is not extremely dry and at high risk. At this moment there are no fires.


There are no highways or other roads blocked in Istria. Also there are no reports of victems in this area. At this moment there are no forest fires in the region of Istria and the fires the region has faced were small and quickly under control. “We hope that people won’t be concerned and will enjoy their well earned holiday with us’, sir Oudekotte concludes.

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