Are you going to enjoy delicious, but also safe, in Croatia again in 2021?

Coronavirus information for 2021 holidays


Last updated: January 2021


* Does the free cancellation scheme still apply before a certain date?
Yes, you can make reservations until March 1, 2021, but you can also cancel free of charge. So you have complete freedom.


* Do I get a refund of the deposit of € 99 if I cancel the trip before March 1, 2021?
Yes, but only if you cancel the trip before March 1, 2021. You can do this without reason.


* How much are the cancellation costs after March 1, 2021 if I have to cancel my trip?
If you cancel after March 1, 2021, without the code orange or red for Croatia, you will be charged. These are shown in the Cancellation costs table




* I have a Covid-19 voucher. Until when can I use this Covid-19 voucher?
You don't have to decide right away. You can take your time for this. The voucher will retain its value for 2 years. The Covid-19 voucher can be exchanged until October 31, 2022. If you are unable to plan a trip in 2021, no problem, you can also do so in 2022. That's a nice thought!


* Is the Covid-19 voucher transferable?
Yes. If you no longer have the opportunity to travel to Croatia but, for example, one of your children does, they can exchange the voucher. We are not difficult about that!


* Can I already exchange the Covid-19 voucher for a bookable trip in 2021?
Yes, you can! From August, our offer for travel in 2021 will already be live. So you can immediately use your voucher. You have to wait a while for our offer in 2022.


* How does the voucher system work?
Very easy. You simply make a booking, indicating in step 3 (under "Remarks") that you want to redeem the voucher. We will then ensure that the voucher amount is settled. You will receive a modified invoice from us by email.


* If my new booking is cheaper or more expensive, what happens?

If your new trip is cheaper, this difference will remain as credit. If your trip is more expensive, the additional costs will be charged.




Can I safely travel to Croatia?

Istria is one of the safest regions in Europe, with a low infection rate. To keep it as safe as possible for you, the following measures apply:

* Distance between people: within 1 meter / outside 2 meters
* Mouth mask: desirable in shops and public transport
* Group formation: allowed for up to 40 people
* Fines: there are hefty fines for not complying with the rules.
* Shaking hands: not recommended
* Beach: open with minor restrictions (keep your distance)
* Supermarkets: open



What is done at the campsite to enjoy a safe but relaxed enjoyment?

* The pools are open and you can enjoy yourself here. If it is too busy, you may have to wait to enter. In practice, this is hardly applicable.
* The playgrounds are open and the children can romp around here. There are no restrictions for children up to the age of 12. Parents along the site… keep 1.5 meters apart.
* Restaurants are open. On the often spacious terraces, there is enough space between the tables to enjoy yourself. The staff keeps an eye on this.
* Shops at the campsite are open. Do bring your mouth mask and put it on when you go inside.
* The sanitary blocks are cleaned extra often and the occupancy is monitored.
* The employees at the campsites are all well instructed about the safety guidelines and protocols. They ensure that everythingS is properly clean, so that you can use the facilities safely.


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