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Last updated on: June 24, 2020


Easyatent cancels all arrivals until June 12, 2020.

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus and the uncertainty that this entails, we have decided to cancel all arrivals until 12 June 2020. For holidays after this date, nothing changes for the time being and the booking and cancellation conditions apply. Of course, we closely follow the development and advice of the authorities both nationally and internationally.


Why did we take this measure and what are the consequences for you?  We list everything here:


  • I have booked a holiday with arrival before June 13, 2020. Is my vacation not going through now?

No, unfortunately your holiday is cancelled. This decision has been taken by far-reaching measures at national- and international level to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. As this is a very exceptional situation, we cannot rule out the possibility that you may experience a lot of inconvenience during your trip and your stay at the destination. In addition, preparations for the campsites are not possible due to the restrictions currently imposed by the national authorities. Many campsites are and will remain closed for the time being.


  • I have already made a payment. Have I lost that money now?

No, you have not lost your money. You keep the amount you paid us as a credit (Covid-19 voucher) for the next holiday.


  • Until when can I use this Covid-19 voucher?

You don't have to decide right away. You can take your time for this.

* The Covid-19 voucher is valid for arrivals up to and including 31 October 2021. You can make the booking online yourself. You can choose from the entire Easyatent offer. We arrange the settlement of the travel sum. You will be informed about this after your new booking.

* The Covid-19 voucher is redeemable until minimal May 31, 2021. We deal with that with care.


  • Can I exchange the Covid-19 voucher for cash?

No that is impossible. In view of the exceptional situation, it has been agreed with various trade associations (at home and abroad) that it is fair to deviate from normal circumstances.


  • When will the Covid-19 voucher be sent?

From April 22 we will send the voucher (s) (in phases) by email.


  • Can I already redeem the Covid-19 voucher for a holiday to be booked in 2020 or 2021?

Yes, you can! Our offer for travel in 2021 will also be live from 22 April. So, you can immediately use your Covid-19 voucher.


  • How does the voucher system work?

At the same time as the Covid-19 voucher, you will receive an explanation of how the voucher system works. This is very simple and will raise few questions. If you still have questions, we are of course ready to help you.


  • If my new booking is cheaper or more expensive, what happens?

If your new booking is cheaper, this difference will remain as credit. If your booking is more expensive, the additional costs will be charged.


  • Does the free cancellation policy apply before a certain date?

No, given the current exceptional situation, this regulation no longer applies. We only work with a voucher. The Dutch branch associations support this solution.


  • If I decide to cancel my reservation, will I get the difference between the cancellation costs and what I paid back in cash?

No, the difference between the cancellation costs and what you paid is also paid in the form of a Covid-19 voucher.


  • Do I have to pay my remaining payment?

Yes. We understand very well that there are doubts about the continuation of the holiday. It is also difficult to predict this. Your journey will continue based on the current data. Due to the exceptional situation and to accommodate you, we have adjusted the payment term to 3 weeks (instead of 8 weeks) before arrival. This applies to bookings with arrival up to and including 31 May 2020. For arrivals from 1 June 2020, the normal booking conditions apply.


  • Can I take out my travel- or cancellation insurance?

No that is impossible. The reasons for cancellation / modification do not fall within the conditions of the Allianz travel insurance.


  • I have booked a holiday with arrival after June 13, 2020. Will it continue?

Yes, based on the information we have now, we assume that your trip will continue. That of course depends on the current information. We continue to follow these from day to day.


  • When will I hear whether my holiday is cancelled?

Based on the measures taken by the government, it is determined whether a trip can be cancelled. In case a trip cannot go through, we will contact you. This will take place no later than 2 to 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

Important: we will always contact you!


If you have any questions despite our explanation, we kindly ask you to send it to us by email. We do our utmost to answer you as soon as possible. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.


We will display and update frequently asked questions via this webpage.


Coronavirus; can I safely travel to Croatia?


There are many questions about what is allowed in Croatia. Below is an overview of the measures that apply. In addition, there are restrictions / guidelines.


In Istria, the hotels and campsites will reopen from May 11.

Restaurants and terraces are open again from 11 May.

From May 11, shops, libraries, museums, sports locations, playgrounds, national parks, and primary schools will reopen.

Gyms and fitness centres will open from May 13.

Swimming pools, theatre’s and cinemas will reopen from May 18.

Public transport between the cities is resumed.

Secondary schools and universities remain closed.

Domestic flights will resume from May 11.

Public transportation between cities has resumed including air, land and rail traffic as well as boat connections for islands


General rules:

  • Distance between persons: within 1 meter / outside 2 meters
  • Face mask: mandatory in shops and public transport
  • Group formation: allowed up to 40 people
  • Fines: non-compliance with the rules is subject to substantial fines
  • Handshake: not recommended
  • Lockdown: no longer applicable



Border controls between most European countries will be lifted from June 15! Spain follows on July 1 (source EU Commissioner, Ylva Johansson)



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