Courier for the summer season 2020


Application for a job as a courier with a good salary, possibilities to develop yourself and to help the company to accomplish its mission.



Company: Easyatent

Easyatent is situated on eleven campsites in Croatia. Ten of them are in the region of Istria and one on the island Krk.

The concept of Easyatent is that the organisation rents a part of the space of the campsite where the company put bungalow-tents/mobile-homes/safari-tents on.

Our objectives:

• Providing a holiday to consumers from all over Europe which want to have a holiday for an affordable price and with some extra service.


Job description


Your responsibilities as a courier on one of our campsites:

• Check-in;
• Small administration jobs
• Manage tourist tax;
• Manage the cleaning of the accommodations;
• Check-out;
• Manage inventory for the tents/mobile-homes/safari tents;
• Responsible for the tents/mobile-homes/safari tents, 24/7;
• Take care about the accommodations in time of storm.


Our offer


What we offer you:

• A contract for the period of three or more months: May, June, July, August and September with a possibility for extension;
• A good salary per month with a workweek of five days (exceptions possible);
• Bonuses when direct bookings have been made by you;
• A living place on the campsite if you live far away from the campsite.




What education we ask from you:


• A high school degree/student studying for university degree/someone with relevant work experience in tourism;
• Basic knowledge about Windows, Excel, Word, Internet and E-mail;
• Communication skills English in at least A2/B1 level.




What competences we ask from you:

• Analytic;
• Communicative;
• Flexible;
• Sensitive;
• Not afraid to get dirty hands and to work on;
• Innovative




When you think this is a job for me, please send us

• Your job application
• Your CV with photo


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