Frequently asked questions

Should we bring our own pillows and blankets?

Yes and no. For the bungalow tents you should bring the following:

- Pillows,

- Sheets and bedlinen,

- Sleeping bag, duvet or blanket.

For the safari tents and mobile homes pillows and blankets are provided. You should only bring your own linen.


Are there pillows, blankets and bedlinen (bedpackage) for rent for the bungalow tent?

Yes that is possible.

- bedpackage for 1 pers.bed € 18,- per package

- bedpackage for 2 pers.bed € 30,- per package

You can indicate the reservation of a bedpackage in the booking process.


Is it possible to rent bedlinen for the safari tents and mobile homes?

Yes that is possible.

- 1 pers.bed € 14,- per set

- 2 pers.bed € 20,- per set.

You can indicate the reservation of bedlinen in the booking process.


Are towels also available for rent?
Yes, that is also possible;
- 2 x small towels; € 8 per package.
- 2 x large bath sheets; € 14 per package.
You can indicate the reservation of a towel package in the booking process.


Are we allowed to bring pets?

Yes. Pets are allowed in the bungalow tents. Costs are € 10,00 a day.

Pets are not allowed in the safari tents and mobile homes.

You can indicate the reservation of a pet in the booking process.


Can I rent a baby package?

Yes. You can reserve a baby package consisting of a cot and a high chair. Costs for this package are € 3,50 per night.

Important: you must bring your own bedlinen and blankets. This is also not for rent.
You can indicate the reservation of a baby package in the booking process.


At what time can we arrive at the camping?

Check in is between 16.00 and 21.00. Should you arrive at a later time please inform us in advance so we can prepare your arrival. Should you arrive earlier keep in mind there is a possibility you have to wait until the accommodation is cleaned. Off course you are allowed to already use the facilities on the camping. When checking out we ask you kindly to vacate the accommodation before 10.00 a.m.


Who is cleaning?

We know it is your holiday, but you are the one responsible for the final cleaning. If you’d like our employees to do this for you, that can be arranged easily.
The charge for cleaning:

- a bungalow tent is € 40,00

- a safari tent is € 45,00

- a mobile home € 50,00.

You can indicate the reservation of cleaning in the booking process.


Are there dutch employees present?

Our family is always around as we live in Istria. Our employees speak German and English.


Are there activities for children during the entire season?

In the pre- and after season it’s possible for certain facilities and activities to be closed. In the high season there is always plenty of things to do!


Do we have to put down a deposit?

Yes, when you arrive you will be requested to put down a deposit. This totals an amount of:

- € 75,00 for bungalow tents 

- € 100,00 for safari tents and mobile homes.
At departure and after the final check by our courier you’ll get back the deposit.
Important: the deposit can only be issued in cash in Euros. Exceptionally it is possible in Kuna, but then you will also receive the deposit in Kuna's return.


What else should I be prepared for?

Our vacations, no matter how luxurious and comfortable, are still camping trips. Especially for people who have never camped before it is important to realise that our campsites are usually booked to capacity in the months July and August. When you prefer some peace and quiet, we advise you not to book during these months. The months May, June and September offer plenty of sun and activities as well. A vacation abroad means different people and customs, a different culture and different norms and values. This is something you should take into account! But after considering this it is best just to prepare for relaxation, fun and quality time with your friend and family. 


Why am I not eligible for a specific discount?

Promotions of our product will be launched during the season.

Discounts or special promotions always have a start and end date. If you have already made a reservation before the start of a specific promotion, you are not entitled to a refund. Discounts cannot be combined, with the exception of 7 = 6, 10 = 8, 14 = 11 and 21 = 15.


Passing on a preference is possible. You can indicate this in step 3 of the booking process under “Comments”. There are no costs attached to this.
We try to take your preferences as much as possible. However, a preference is not a guarantee. It is therefore possible that we cannot satisfy your preferences. If you book early in the season, the chance that we can honor the preference is greater than with bookings shortly before arrival.


When do I have to pay?

If you book your holiday before April 1, 2021, you pay according to the following schedule:

  1. Your down payment when booking is only € 99, -
  2. You only have to pay 20% of the travel sum on 1 April 2021. If you have taken out cancellation insurance through us, it will be calculated with the second payment.
  3. The remaining payment only needs to be paid 8 weeks before arrival.
  4. Important: reservations made within 8 weeks of departure must be paid at once.


For bookings made from April 1, 2021, the following payment schedule applies:

  1. Down payment: this is 20% of the rent. If you have taken out cancellation insurance through us, this will also be calculated with the down payment. The deposit must be paid within 2 weeks after the reservation.
  2. Remaining payment: the remaining amount must be paid 8 weeks before arrival.
  3. Important: reservations within 8 weeks before departure must be paid in one go.


I have to cancel my holiday. How does that work?

Unfortunately it may happen that you have to cancel the reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.

We charge costs for this.


  • For cancellations up to 42 days before arrival, 30% of the travel sum will be charged.
  • For cancellations between 41 and 28 days before arrival, 60% of the travel sum will be charged.
  • For cancellations between 27 and 1 day before arrival, 90% of the travel sum will be charged.
  • For cancellations  the day of arrival itself, the full travel sum will be charged.


Important: canceling a reservation is only possible in writing on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


If you have taken out cancellation insurance through us and the reason for cancellation falls under the conditions of the insurance, we will guide you through the settlement.

If you have taken out cancellation insurance through third parties, you can use the cancellation costs invoice for settlement.


Can I combine campings?

We love this idea! Off course you can combine campings. For tailored advice it’s best to contact us directly.


Are prizes all inclusive?

Renting prices are including campsite fee’s, gas and electricity. In Croatia it is mandatory to pay a separate tourist tax at the camping. On the voucher which will be sent to you, it will state if you should pay this at the campings’ reception. (Croatia charge around € 1,40 for adults and € 0,70 for children between 11 and 18 years per day)


Will we receive travelling documents?

As soon as we have received your payment you will receive a voucher and a introduction letter by e-mail.

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