Holiday fun starts at your front door: on land, sea and air

Your holiday has been booked and you can hardly wait until you can enjoy the sun from your soft sunbed. The ‘only thing’ you need to do is taking the trip towards your destination before the fun can really start. For some, travelling towards the campsite is part of the relaxing holiday ahead, but for others it is a necessity that they would rather skip. Do you know what type of journey fits best with your travelling style? We sum up all the possibilities for you.


Hit the road for a holiday away with your car

If you choose to travel by car, you are for sure not the only one. Take your time to enjoy the surroundings on your way and see how the landscape is slowly changing. How long the 1300 km route takes, depends on traffic and your own preference to spend the night en route. Taking it slow with several pit stops the journey will take you a little less than eighteen hours in high season (starting in Utrecht, The Netherlands). Off season it will take less time to get to your destination. The advantage of having your own car is for sure the possibility that you can take as much luggage as you need and you are flexible when it comes to the departure time. And if you are a big fan of cruising the German highway, your holiday will probably start the moment you step into the car.


You want to go skyhigh in no-time

If you don’t have the time or the patience to trade some sunhours for driving the car, you catch a the plane and arrive in Istria in no-time. From Amsterdam Schiphol flights to Pula go frequently with TUI or Croatia Airlines. Transavia also started flying from Rotterdam to Pula 2 times a week in high season from this year onwards. The flight just takes two hours and you can start reading your book or listen to some relaxing music to kick start the right holiday mood. A nice way to check the cheapest flights is This website will give you an overview of all the flights going to (and from) Pula. Do you live close to a different airport, you can also check the flights going from there.


La dolce vita

If you can’t find any cheap or convenient flights to Pula, consider flying to Marco Polo in Venice and rent a car from here. For example check to find out the options. Check the rental conditions for driving the car to a different country and make sure you get the right insurance. From Venice it will take you approximately 3 hours to get to Poreč. The distance over land is somewhere around 250 km. Are you up for an adventurous passage by boat, then you won’t be disappointed. The fast catamaran only takes two hours and will for sure be one of the highlights of your holiday. But if that’s just not for you, you can take the slightly less sexy ferry that will take you to Pula or Poreč in three hours. And of course you can always decide to stay an extra day to explore the beauty of Venice.


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