Don’t skip these waterfalls and lakes when you are in Croatia

Okay, so you decided to go camping in a luxurious safari tent, frame tent or mobile home. That means you probably belong to the category of people who like being outdoors and you might want to indulge in the overwhelming nature of Croatia. If you feel like visiting the Croatian nature at its best, don’t skip the magical lakes and waterfalls. Our advice? Pack your walking shoes and go explore the great outdoors!


Lake Plitvice: as good as it gets


Plitvice is worth a visit. You won’t regret seeing the sixteen turquoise lakes and more than ninety fabulous waterfalls. In the area you will find not only deer, wild pigs, wolfs, bears, badgers and lynxes, but also over 140 bird species. This explains why this national park has been on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1979. If you are into hiking this place will make you feel soo happy. From both entrances you can start breathtaking scenic routes. No matter if you just want to hike for two hours or you want to do a full day of hiking, alternated with a train ride or boat trip. It is all possible.


Every season is special in this park and you can visit Plitvice year round. In summer an average of 10.000 visitors are drawn to this place so chances are you need to walk along with lots of Chinese and Japanese camera’s. It that’s just not your thing, make sure you buy your ticket the previous day and start hiking early in the morning. That might be a good idea anyway, since temperatures can get high quickly in Croatia.


Cool down in the Krka waterfalls


If you want to dip into the refreshing water while hiking, Krka is your best pick. The wooden platform leads you along seven magnificent waterfalls to cool off a bit. It is the perfect place for a panoramic picture to make the folks at home jealous, a royal picnic and a view that you will never forget.


The park can be reached by car or bus, but for a more adventurous trip you can catch the boat to Krka. From the harbour of Šibienik you sail towards the waterfalls in an hour and a half. In this way you enjoy the Sint Jozef canal and the Pruklian lake all in one trip.

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