Attention to all sunlovers: tips to prefend a sunstroke

Attention to all sunlovers: tips to prefend a sunstroke


Chances are you’ve been longing to see the summer sun all year. We just can’t get enough of the warm sunbeams on our skin and seeing our white legs change into the legs of a bronze god or goddess. The sun is exhilarating and, when in the right amount, good for our well being. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy body, but we can overdo it as well. A sunstroke in the middle of your vacation can mean the end of all the fun. Let us just put together five tips for you so you can enjoy the sun wisely.


Wear sunscreen

It is a misunderstanding that you won’t color if you wear sunscreen with a high protection. That’s just not the case. Especially the first days, when your skin is still adjusting to the sunlight, it’s smart to wear high protection. Once you are lobster red, you will not only be in pain, you can also wave goodbye to your adorable tanned skin. Please go gentle on your skin, you will need it the rest of your life.


Stay hydrated

And by this we don’t mean you should drink lots of beer. Alcohol is actually a bit dangerous because it enhances the dehydration process. Sweating will cool down you body and to do so it needs water. Make sure you stay hydrated, wear light and cool clothes and look for a bit of shade now and then.


Heads up!

Protect your head from the sunlight. This will make it harder for a sunstroke to hit you. If you are close to the water, be sure wear a wet cap in order to keep your head cool. If you are wise you just stay out of the sun between noon and three o’clock, especially the first couple of days of your vacation. This is the perfect moment for a nice lunch in the shade or to read a book in front of your (glamping)tent.


Beware of medication

It seems so obvious, but it is easily forgotten. Certain medication will speed up the dehydration process. For example antidepressants or medication that will regulate your blood pressure. These types of medication make it hard for your body to cool down. Do you use antibiotics? Be extra careful too. Lots of antibiotics don’t allowed direct sunlight.   



The Croatian sun is way more intense than in lots of other places in Europe. When you feel sick, have a glowing, sweaty skin, get goosebumps, heavy headaches, have to throw up, experience dizziness, a fast heartbeat and/ or you feel tired, confused and weak, you might have a sunstroke. Be sure not the sit in the sun again and drink plenty of water. If the symptoms get worse, call a doctor and make sure there is someone with you who can help you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you take the right precautions in order to get the relaxed vacation you deserve.


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