The best reasons for enjoying your holiday without any clothes. If you dare…


For some people it’s extremely exciting, while for others it’s the ultimate form of freedom: a holiday with your bum out in the open. Maybe you already are a die-hard naturist, but for the ones who need to think this over, we put together some advantages and tips.


Easy ass that

Really, there are lots of reasons to celebrate your holiday clothesless. Don’t underestimate the practical advantages of a naturist holidays. You will steal the show arriving back home looking all tanned without feeling like a zebra because of the white bikini marks on your body, you don’t need to take difficult decisions regarding packing the best outfits and you won’t have to worry about too much weight in your suitcase. And this is not even the main reason for fans of the so called FKK (Freikörperkultur) when they book a camping spot on let’s say Koversada in Istria.


In our nature

The best thing about leaving all unnecessary ballast at home is letting go of daily routines when you are away. The first days you will be pretty conscious of the fact that you aren’t wearing that tie (let alone your swimsuit), but after that you are totally free to let go of all your worries. Naturist feel very connected with nature and we like to think they even have a bit more respect for nature than the average recreationist. In a beautiful natural area you can escape the daily grind and we guarantee you will have to get used to your ‘tenue du ville’ at the end of your holiday.  

It equals out

An appealing ideology behind nudism is that when we aren’t wearing any clothes we are all equal. This makes it easier to approach each other, according to many naturists. Everyone is at his or her most vulnerable, which makes a quick chat a lot less difficult. Don’t be ashamed of your body, naturists will typically not look at you that way or judge about this. Equality is what makes the connection in the first place.    


The naked truth

The time we live in confronts us with the way we think about what the ideal body should look like. On social media and TV we see unrealistic images of what we should be looking like non-stop. A holiday on a naturist park will give you a much more realistic perception and it is not impossible that you will feel better and more confident when you are home.   


See how it feels

Maybe a naturist holiday sounds exciting to you and you feel you are open to trying something new, but you would like to know how it actually feels before you take off. Our advice: go relax at a sauna for a day and take someone with you who has done this before. You will be surprised how quickly you will feel at ease. Ready to go on your first naturist holiday? Camping and nature paradise Koversada in Istria is one of the oldest, most famous naturist campsites in Europe. Easyatent offers luxurious glampingtents close to the sea on one of the most beautiful spots of the campsite.    

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