Don’t get robbed this summer: these tips might help you


It can happen anytime and basically everywhere, but when you are on holiday it seems even worse if you become a victim of pickpockets. A holiday away is expensive enough as it is and when all the extra money you have saved for fun activities, romantic dinners and special souvenirs get stolen, chances are it will ruin your stressless getaway. Fortunately you can use some smart tips during your vacation that will limit the chance of becoming a victim of smart thieves.


Busy places with lots of tourists are like candy stores for pickpockets. Someone will distract you, the other person will bump into you and you can wave goodbye to your wallet. Are you planning to go to a touristic place be on your guard. Do not keep your wallet in your pocket and leave valuable stuff like your camera of jewelry at home when possible. A moneybelt underneath your close may not be the most sexy thing on earth, but for sure it is safe. Keep your hand on your bag and make sure to wear the opening on the inside instead of keeping your valuables in your backpack.


It may take a little preparation, but we suggest that you keep your money not just at one place. If you get robbed, at least you have some money left. Do you mainly pay with your creditcard or debitcard when you are abroad? Make sure no one is watching when you enter your personal code. Keeping your hand near the machine may feel really uncool and like you start to look like your grandma, but if that is what it takes to enjoy a relaxed holiday, we take the uncoolness for granted.   


In case you stay in a tent that cannot be locked properly, your best option is to rent a locker at the reception of the campsite to keep valuable documents and money safe. Do you have a car with you? Keep the slightly bigger items of value in the back of the car (and don’t forget to lock the car). It would be a shame if you had to leave your Ipad, laptop or camera with a new owner in Croatia.

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